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Welcome Walk

Firm: Texas State University MFA Program | Class: Environmental Graphic Design | Designers: Trey Terrell, Chuck Sanders, William Townsend

The Task

The Texas School for the Deaf in Austin had an issue connecting their campus to the surround community. Our EGD class spent half the semester researching deaf culture, interviewing the students and faculty, and talking to the residents of South Congress about their perception of the school. We then split into groups to create pitch books.

The Solution

Together with Chuck Sanders and Williams Townsend, we developed a concept utilizing stretched canopies and projected
images. The key feature was the Welcome Walk along South First Street. This space was cut back into the campus to make room for a wide, canopied sidewalk. The curving wall featured updates from the school, student work, and information about the deaf community.

MFA Showcase 2012 finalist.