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Parks & Recreation

Firm: Texas State University MFA Program | Class: Web Design | Designer: Trey Terrell

The Task

For one of our major projects in Web Design we were asked redesign the website for a municipal parks and recreation department. Any department. My chosen client was the parks and rec department for Goldthwaite. Goldthwaite, Texas is an interesting town. Their population of 1,800 makes for a small community. However, their more than twelve annual festivals attract visitors from surrounding towns and counties.

The Solution

I chose not to focus on Goldthwaite’s single tiny park, but instead focus on the events that continue to bring people back to the town. Photo and hashtag streams as well as event reminders allow former residents to connect with old acquaintances and build a buzz about upcoming festivities.

This project was nominated for the 2013 MFA + Concept competition by my faculty advisor.