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Firm: Texas State University MFA Program | Class: Typography | Designer: Trey Terrell

The Task

For this project we were asked to tackle a typographic problem. I looked at the trap of pre-distressed typefaces. Screen printing and apparel design often fall victim to repetitive or iterative design trends. Clients will see a design, latch on to it, and want their new designs to look the same. This happens over and over again until the market is flooded with sameness.

The Solution

I proposed creating a “bleeding” version of several popular typefaces. The end result will be two-fold. On the surface the project will give designers and clients alternatives to Bleeding Cowboys that have the same grungy feel. Hopefully clients will see that all the typefaces look the same. This can give designers an opportunity to start a dialog with them about typography and better ways to solve their design problems.

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