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Adventure Storming

Firm: Texas State University MFA Program | Class: Thesis | Designer: Trey Terrell

The Task

A graduate thesis should be the culmination of your work in a particular program, and define your area if interest in future projects and research.

During my time in the MFA program at Texas State University I explored several projects that centered on the user – whether it was user-created content, or user-centered design. I chose to focus on this for my thesis research. Ultimately, I decided to look into applying creative play to the process of idea generation. How, I wondered, could games be applied brainstorming?

The Solution

Rather that start with an assumption, I let my research guide the outcome of the project. The result of the research was AdventureStorming: a tabletop role playing game for brainstorming.

My brainstorming game proved to also be a useful tool for User Experience research. Participants, or players, would take on the role of a Persona and approach a task as a group, with decision outcomes being determined by dice rolls.

This is a project that I hope to bring to market. More details should be available soon.