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What Is This?

My name is Trey Terrell and I’m a creative leader. At the office I busy myself with business strategy and creative direction, looking into not just how good things look, but also why they work and how they could work better.

Off the clock I enjoy unplugging and working with my hands: woodworking, homebrewing, and slow smoked barbecue. What you’ll find here is a little bit of both.

Some Work

Some Fun

Hatch Green Chile Carnitas

Friends, it is that time of year again.  It's the time when the world is bestowed the gift we call the Hatch Green Chile.  I stumbled a fresh package of Hatch Green Chile carnitas at my local grocer.  As you'll soon discover, there are few things I like better in this...

Pork Ribeyes

Pork steaks.  A few years back I would have frowned at that.  I was much more familiar with other pork products: chops, roasts and ribs.  Now, however, I find myself leaning towards pork ribeyes more and more.  It doesn't hurt that Katie likes them as well. I tried...